Writing Coaching

Writing CoachingAlmost everyone you meet these days seems to have a fantastic idea for a book. Only a fraction of the population will actually have the discipline to sit down and write an entire manuscript. Too many things get in the way—work, family, obligations, or just life in general. Often, the largest obstacle to success is crippling self-doubt. Sometimes, what an aspiring author needs is a coach, someone to encourage them, show them valuable writing techniques, and help them to develop their own skills.

If you’ve already written your work and it continues to languish in your study or basement, a Sparks Writing Coach can help.  A writing coach will identify where an author makes mistakes, where the manuscript needs strengthening, and work with the author to correct the text. Through this collaborative process, the writer improves and ultimately achieves their goals. The manuscript takes form and can be submitted to acquisition editors for traditional publishing or it can go into self-publishing, if the author prefers.


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